The Swedish Defence Forces' Special Protection Group
Försvarets Särskilda SkyddsGrupp (SSG)

This is the new small swedish special force. They shall penetrate enemy special forces, protect important buildings, and act as bodyguards for the Supreme Commander and other important officers.

The difference between other swedish special forces and SSG is that the SSG consist of only hand-picked officers, mostly from different ranger/elite regiments, but some members are specialists without former ranger training. This force are trained in parachuting, diving, amphibious operations, advanced marksmanship and bodyguard service.

Because of the "officer only"-rule they are highly educated and very well-trained.

They can, with helicopter, aircraft, boat or land-vehicle, be transported anywhere in Sweden to complete their missions. If necessary, they shall rescue swedish personell who get caught behind enemy lines.

All officers get a common training in parachuting, diving, shooting/marksmanship and bodyguard service. Then every officer get a specialist education, for example HAHO parachuting, explosives, sniper-shooting, use of special weapons or advanced diving.

The big difference between other units in this niche, like the SAS, Green Berets, or Spetsnaz, is that the SSG do not operate world-wide. They are especially trained for the Scandinavian environment.


Entry: Ranger Officer covered in this Section
First Term:
Parachute: 1
Small Arms(Rifle): 2
Stealth: 1
Observation: 1
Two of following:
Combat Engineer
Small Arms
Ground Vehicle
Forward Observer
Tac Missile
Small Boat
Unarmed Combat
Armed Combat

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