The Rangers

There are several different rangers in Sweden. What they all have in common is that they all, often during a long time (up to a month), operate in small groups behind enemy lines without any support from other Swedish units. This creates a demand, on the ranger, to be a both physically and mentally strong person. The rangers often have the task to either perform recon within an area behind enemy lines or ambushes on special enemy units (often support units).

The rangers are equipped with the same kind of weapons as the rest of the defense forces (ak5, ak5b, ak5c, ksp 58, ksp 90, Grg anti-tank rifle, and a Swedish version of the PSG-90) and can also be issued some special weapons (mines, etc.) for ambushes. Be cause of the extention of time that the rangers stay out in the field the weight of the equipment they carry easily go up to 60 kg (130 lbs.).

There are several different ranger units in Sweden, all trained to operate in their special environment. There are rangers from Arctic ranger regiment I22, Norrland's Dragoon regiment K4, and the Airborne Husar corps (K3). The rangers trained at I22 and K4 are more trained in an arctic environment. The rangers from K3 who train in airassault landings.

For game purpose to get the generic squad use following groundunit...
1 Consript Officer
1 Medic
1 Signals (Communication: 1+)
add whatever to complete the mission, hold in mind that a rangerteam consist
of between 4-6 members when on a recon mission, up to 10 for a raid.