The Military Police Rangers

The main task of the military police rangers (MP-rangers) is to hunt down and neutralize the threat of enemy sabotage forces. This task ressembles the one that the Airforce Rangers and the Marine's Base Security have with the exception that the MP-rangers do not have an assigned base or area of operation, but can be sent anywhere they are needed at the moment.

This is a relativly new. The MP-rangers are trained like the "ordinary" military police, and have the same authority, but they are more extensivly trained in regular combat and search while the "ordinary" military police handles more police business within the military forces and anti-sabotage at a specific place. All military police are highly trained in law and police authority and of its practical use.

Much is, for obvious reasons, kept secret about the MP-rangers and not much about their equipment, weapons, or organization have been released. Known, though, is that the MP-rangers use the world's best tracking device, the dog.

For gamepurpose you could use the following Organisation...

One MP-ranger squad consist of eigth soldiers and two dogs:
Squad chief
Assistant squad chief
2 dog handlers
2 recoilless antitank rifle-/machine gun markmans
1 medic's
1 radiooperator