The Coastal Rangers

The coastal rangers' main task is to, with one violent attack, take an island or some other static place along the Swedish coast, that the enemy might have taken. The expression "a strong offense is the best defense" definitely matches the coastal rangers. The coastal rangers can also conduct recon missions as well. A special branch of the coastal rangers called the assault divers mainly performs this.

The coastal rangers are organized in coastal rangers companies. There are two companies in every amphibian battalion. The coastal rangers "share" this battalion with the amphibian soldiers. The way of becoming a coastal ranger is very hard and very few that apply actually go through the training. The coastal rangers' training is, like the airborne rangers, voluntary. During the training the rangers are tested in several different ways and the ones that makes it through all the tests are given the green beret, a sign that globally represents elite forces.

Weapons are no different than from the rest of the military forces (ak5, ak5b, ak5c, ksp m/58, ksp m/90, m/48 anti-tank rifle).