Airborne Ranger

The Airborne Rangers

An airborne ranger is an extremly highly trained recon and combat soldier. The primary tasks for an airborne ranger squad (five soldiers) is to perform recon and sabotage far behind enemy lines. This can go on for up to a month without any support at all from other units.

Because of the hard situations an airborne ranger might find himself in (so far no women have attended the training) the training is very rigorous. About 30-35 soldiers are trained every two years. Every soldier in every squad will have his speciality (e g medical care, marksmanship, explosives, radio communication). The airborne rangers are trained in all kinds of environment; from cold winter to coastal environment. After several tests the airborne rangers are given the red beret. The airborne rangers is, together with the Royal Guard Dragoon Trumpet Corps, the only Swedish unit receiving the red beret.

Even though military service is mandatory in Sweden, all airborne rangers are volunteers. This keep a high moral in the unit and a strong devotion towards the tasks.

The airborne rangers are equipped basically with the same weapons (ak5, ak5b, ak5c, ksp m/58, ksp m/90, and a Swedish version of the L96A1) and equipment as the rest of the military forces.

The airborne rangers' motto is
"Will, Courage, Endurance".