Naval Conuter SOF-Unit
Bassäkerhet (Bassäk;)

One of the most difficult threats to prevent, against naval bases, is stealth operations carried out by an enemy's elite Special Forces units. To face these threats, Bassäkerhetskompaniet - Bassäk (Naval Counter SOF Unit) was formed especially equipped and trained to fullfill their mission of protecting naval bases against enemy special forces.

Today every service-branch has their own anti-sabotage units. The Air Force has Flygbasjägarna (Swedish Air Force Rangers, SAFR), the Army has Militärpolisjägarna (Military Police Rangers) and now the Navy has Bassäk (Naval Counter SOF-Unit).

A Naval Counter SOF-Unit company consist of 133 man and 12 dogs, one command/baggage platoon, two SäkJakt (Counter SOF Ranger) platoons and two Säkbevakning (Counter SOF Guard) platoons. They can, with their own vehicles or small fast boats, move anywhere they are needed. Concealed transports can be carried out with canoes or special swimmer equipment.

One SäkJakt unit consist of four soldiers and one dog:
Squad leader, armed with an Ak5 & m203 (Ak5c)
Dog handler, armed with an Ak5
Support man, armed with an Ksp m/90
Medic, armed with an Ak5b

The medic is also the units' sharpshooter and 1/4 ton lorry-driver. The support man drives the boat issued to the unit.

Performing tactical field analysis is typical work for fully trained SäkJakt units. They cooperate with the Swedish Air Force Rangers, the Military Police Rangers, the Assault Divers and other units if necessary.

Before this test the enlists spend one week in field and perform a 70-100 km march during this time. All squad-leaders have to do this test twice.

Bassäk's motto is "Humility towards the task - Imperative Execution"