- Mitch Berg's page on character generation.

- Chris Callahan's Twilight: 2000 page

- Daniel Cooper's page on adventures

- Orrin Ladd's PBEM (Play By E-Mail) page

- Roger Stenning's INTSUM page with emphasis on Merc: 2000

- Mitchell Schwartz 's page on adventures

- Niklas Svensson's Merc: 2000 Special Ops page

- Peter Vieth's Twilight: 2000 page, on vehicles

- A Twilight: 2000 adventure "Stumbling Around Poland"

- A Twilight: 2000 adventure "Where has all the glory gone?"

- A History of the NATO offensive in 2000

- A Merc: 2000 page with good information, presented through roleplaying

- Merc: 2000 Adventures

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  General RolePlaying Resources:
- WebRPG. Whether your green, purple or red, if you roleplay, this is your online reference point.

- The RPG Archive. A massive archive with links to a great many roleplaying pages.

Military City. Information on tanks, weapons and aircraft.

Soviet Military Arms and Equipment.

USMC Aircraft, Vehicles and Equipment.

Military Industry. Information on MBT, Air Support units, Anti-armour missles, and AD systems.

Rene's hot armour page. Has some good pictures of modern and WWII tanks.

Israel Defense Forces

Special Forces:
• The best organized Navy SeALs page I've been able to find.

• A complete listing of Special Forces Units of countries throughout the world

• Some information on the U.S. Rangers.

• Tom Hunter's Unofficial Special Operations.

• A decent guide to the objectives, and sometimes current locations of Special Warfare forces.

• The Unofficial Glock Website

• A good set of weapons related links provided by Combative Concepts Inc.

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