Twilight: 2000 is a roleplaying game first created in 1984 , by Game Designer's Workshop. It's intention to be real is no greater than what fiction aspires to be: a playground for the reader's imagination. Roleplaying is something like watching a television show, movie or play. The most important difference, is the difference betwixt interaction and submission. Roleplaying allows a group of characters to change, influence, and imagine themselves living in a world presented to them. This world is based on the groundwork of a variety of different themes, in the case of Twilight: 2000; the devastation after a nuclear exchange. Instead of actors and props, words, or electrons displaying this world to our imaginations, one person simply tells a story- describing the world and the people in it. This story teller may go by a variety of names, whether story teller, referee, or the first label on such a person: the Dungeon Master.

    Player's create characters, or actors, who participate in this make-believe world. Character's personalities and life histories are determined by the players, somehow fitting in with the basis of the roleplaying game. Dice are used to determine some primary characteristics of the player characters, in the case of Twilight: 2000 six attributes: Strength, Constitution, Agility, Education, Intelligence, and Charisma. Each of these attributes is rated on a scale of 1 - 10, 10 representative of the highest achievement of that particular attribute. When the player has rolled the dice, and assigned the scores as he would like his character to have (assigning the highs to what he wants the character's strengths to be, and the lows to what he feels are the character's weaknesses).

    The referee (the label used by Twilight: 2000) is something like the director of the play. She tells the players the world their character's are in; the weather, the scenery and the people (non player characters). On encountering a non player character, the referee puts on a mask (figuratively), sets her voice differently, and changes her mannerism to represent the non player characters encountered. Based on the personality of her friends, and what they want their character's to accomplish, she sets up a variety of tasks and obstacles for them to achieve their goals. Once she has set up the world, she practices a sort of laissez faire policy, and the character's act on thier own free will, while the referee adjusts to each decision the player's make. This is the most difficult job for the referee, oftentimes the player's will find any and every way conceivable to not follow the adventure plan you had set up. In these cases, the referee must improvise, but always take great care that she does not force the character's to follow a certain course of action.

    Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to the fantasy world we've created. How do we determine if Billy becomes paralyzed with fear when his Stinger runs out of ammunition, and a column of Mi-24s approach? Rules help the referee to determine whether Billy can act or not. The referee never decides what a player is going to do, but she does decide those things that player's themselves have no control over- in this case; a very large fear.

    One of the most commonly corrupted elements in a role-playing game are in how the rules are used. Player's familiar with the rules may cite them to the referee on frequent occasion, and complain that such and such situation was not handled according to the rules. This is the surest way to drive a game into the ground. Positive criticism is always healthy and good, but only after the game is over. The most effective rules are the ones that are malleable to change. When player's become angry over some change or interpretation, after the game session, talk to them about the change, and come to a conclusion together on how to handle such an event in the future.

    Unfortunately, Tantalus Games Inc purchased GDW on September of 1996, buying Twilight: 2000, Dark Conspiracy, MERC:2000, & 2300 AD, to name a few. Hitherto, Tantalus has stated they have no plans for the development, or republishing of any of these games. Thus it is very difficult to find the books needed to play- and sadly the game can't evolve when it truly needs to. To remedy this problem, I created this pages on April of 1996, in efforts to bring the game 'back to life'. Starting in December of 1997, I began retyping the Twilight: 2000 Version 2 rulebook, paraphrasing every sentence- adding some in, and taking some out as I went along. In March, of 1998, as I had begun work on the fourth chapter of the rule book, I mailed Loren Wiseman; asking him some questions about how he felt about the current state of the game, and whether or not what I was doing could be illegal. He directed me to Rob Miracle, who I had mailed before, and never recieved a reply. I mailed Rob again, and the issue was danced around for quite some time, until on May 13, 1998 Rob announced Tantalus's stand on the issue. Their statement can be found at:

    Because there are no plans for it's development by Tantalus, and because I am unable to develop the game myself, I am closing these pages- closing them insofar as development is concerned. I will not update these pages any longer, but will keep them available indefinately- to benefit those gamers that are still playing.


Saul Basgen

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