The Trainer

The Trainer is a special individual that has the ability to convey information to others in a simple yet concise way. He may be well educated but then again he may not. Anything that the trainer knows he can teach to another. Maybe he has spent his time reading lots of communication books and studying psycology. Maybe he is just realizing his natural potential for teaching. He doesn't like to hear himself talk however. He also likes to hear others give some feedback from time to time.


Entry: Charisma 5+

First term skills: Instruction 2, Interrogation 1, Persuasion 2

Subsequent Term Skills: Instruction, Interrogation, Language, Leadership, Observation, Persuasion

Promotion: 8+, DM +1 if Charisma 7+

Contacts: One per term, Player choice

Special: None

Examples: Drill Sergeants, Personal athletic instructors, High school teachers, Good old Dad