The Survivalist


The Survivalist has spent a great deal of time preparing for the day that is now at hand. Wether inspiried by far wing political views, past experience in the bush, or by passages taken too literally in the bible, it makes no difference. The survivalist was prepared for the end. For him, it has come.

Entry: Con 6+

First term skills: Small Arms: 2, Survival 2, Navigation 1

Subsequent Term Skills: Archery, Armed Martial Arts, Construction, Grenade Launcher, Gunsmith, Instruction, Leadership, Mechanic, Medical, Navigation, Small Arms, Scrounging, Stealth, Survival, Tracking

Promotion: 7+, DM +1 if Intelligence 6+

Contacts: One per term, Specialist or Criminal

Special: If more than two terms are served, initiative is as military

Examples: Ethnic separitists, Paranoid veterans, God fearing men, Native peoples, Boy Scouts from hell