Twilight 2000



In my opinion the coolest combat/survival game to hit the gaming scene, Twilight 2000 looks at the world with a very ugly eye. World War Three hits, leaving disaster for the entire world populace. Small but effective nuclear exchanges have left half the world population dead. Disease is rampant. Food is a luxury. Oil and gasoline are nearly nonexistent. Alcohol as a fuel is now common. As a player in the game, one takes the place as a soldier in a foreign land. The big battles are over. The heavy equipment is all but damaged or completely destroyed. Without many supplies and only a handful of men the players try to find whatever they can to survive. And with a little luck they may find a way to start their lives over...but that's not likely.

Merc 2000 (a Twilight alternate time line) portrays a world very similar to the present day. Countries are in turmoil due to ethnic clashes. China has internal problems as its communistic system clashes with its new globally linked economy. Pakistan and India fight over Kashmir. South America falls back into guerilla warfare. But one of the most important factors is the recession that engulfs all nations. The players are men caught in this time fighting for the highest bidder. Be it a nation, a company, a local storekeeper trying to keep the gangs from eating his neighborhood alive, these people hire out the players. Through the PC's skills (be it computer, security, explosives, legal, administrative) they try to solve the problems for the ones that will pay them.

New careers for TW2K and MERC2K (now here!)

Some these should used in TW2K with caution. Some are more geared for MERC2K

The Survivalist

The Sharpshooter

The Trainer

The Martial Artist

The Athlete

Here's my character sheet. Expect a new modified one in a few weeks.

Twilight/Merc character sheet. Includes all fonts required for use. Made with Wordperfect.