The Athlete

Ah, the athlete! The pinnacle of physical and mental endurance. Conquering both ones own fears and competing with failure itself is an everyday experience. The athlete knows the importance of keeping physically fit. He also knows that he can push himself too far ; injury, pain, and a little bloodletting are all part of the job.

Entry: Constitution or Agility or Strength must be 9 or higher

First term skills: Acrobatics 4, Medical 1, Unarmed or Armed Martial Arts 1

Subsequent Term Skills: Acrobatics, Leadership, Climbing, Scuba, Swimming, Armed Martial Arts, Unarmed Martial Arts, Stealth

Promotion: 6+, DM +1 if Agility 7+

Contacts: One per term, Player choice

Special: Any one Physical attribute may be raised by one each term (up to two each maximum)

Examples: Surfers, Football players, Triathletes, Marathon runners, Fencers, etc.