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Mary Asp - Renegade Troubleshooter
Character by Antenna
STRENGTH               : 8           CONSTITUTION           : 6   
Small Arms Rifle       : 9/17        Horsemanship           : 1/7 
Small Arms Pistol      : -/12        Parachute              : 3/9 
Melee combat unarmed   : 1/10        Swimming               : 2/8 
Meele combat armed     : 3/11        Demolitions            : 2/8 
AGILITY                : 7           INTELLIGENCE           : 7   
Vehicle use motorcycle : 2/7         Navigation             : 1/8 
Vehicle use light      : 5/10        Observation            : 8/15
Stealth                : 5/12        Tracking               : 1/8 
CHARISMA               : 8           Streetwise             : 4/11
Leadership             : 2/10        EDUCATION              : 4   
Act/Bluff              : 2/10        Medical                : 8/12
EMPATHY                : 2           Biology                : 1/5 
Foreboding             : 2/4         Luck      : 5  Willpower  : 5
The story about Mary Asp - Army Nurse
There is few records regarding Ms Asp. The ones that exist is from her berth until her joining the Armed Forces as a Nurse. Then there is gap in time on 22 years, where no records can be found. At her 39th birthday there is a note that she was discharged with honors from Medical Corps as a Lt Colonel.
She is now 37 years old and work for Oyama Corporation, Officially as a headnurse for one of their wards at Oyama Sydney General Hospital (OSGH). But still there are no records, or at least you cannot access the records regarding Ms Asp at the Oyama Corporation.

The TRUE story about Mary Asp - Renegade Troubleshooter
Mary has not been Army Nurse, even if she got the skills to work as a Nurse. She is a Cyborg with a Special Forces training. The story is simple really she joined the Army to get a education in nursing to later on work on the private market. But someone higher up decided to offer her a place within a Black Ops Project that even she didn't know the name of, she only knew her 7 other teammates, 3 women and 4 men. They where all wearing ranks of officers and the time in service was set to 21 years. After service she was honorably discharged as a Lt Colonel from Medical Corps and found work at of the Oyama Hospitals.
Experience : Elite

Motivations : J, Q
Ms Asp did make a misstake in her career that she think she has covered up, she murdered a man importent to the Western Society. She doesn't know that the ties between Oyama and this high ranking official she killed is like this that Oyama wanted him to disapeer. After service she got work as a nurse at one of the Oyama Corporation Hospitals.
The Corporation is soon to get use of her skills by revealing to her in private what skills she really have and proof on how she become a murderer. A classic blackmailing conspiracy.
She is known to be ruthless with her goals when she was in the force, really she wasn't in the later stage of her career in the force suited to be a Spec Ops. Nowdays she rules the ward she is head over with a 'iron grip'. Still the most profitable ward at the hospital but the staff fears her.