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Kathy Lindback - Character by Antenna

Kathy Lindback was a military advisor in a South American state before she went "enlighten". She was trained by CIA to be a field agent in a spanish speaking country, and trained to blend in perfectly in different backgrounds, to come near her targets that some where taken care of and others just to get info from. Her 10 years in Southamerica gave her a lot of enemies and she has now a secret addresses around the USA. Nowdays she is a boss for a Minion Hunter cell in Texas and SoutheEast USA.
Kathy Lindback is trained in Jiu-Jitsu and wields a S&W 577S, an semiautomatic caseless weapon.
S&W 577S
Ammo   : 4.2 S&W 4.43mm
Weight : 0.9kg (0.3kg FUll box of ammo)
Mag    : 35Box
Price  : $3,500US

Type   ROF  Dam  Pen  Blk  Mag  SS  Brst  Rng
577S    SA   3  1-Nil  1    35   3    -    16
STRENGTH         5   CONSTITUTION     6   AGILITY          6   Initiative        6
EDUCATION        6   CHARISMA         9   INTELLIGENCE     7   EMPHATY           2

Heavy Weapon     1   Armed Melee      6   Unarmed Melee    3   Small Arms Pistol 4
Small Arms Rifle 8   Thrown Weapons   2   Swimming         2   Stelth            3
Observation      4   Wheeled Vehicle  6   Leadership       6   Luck              6
Willpower        5   Language(ENG)   10   Language(SPA)   10   Streetwise        8
Medical          1   Pilot (Rotary)   3   Computer Use     4                      

Emphatic Skills
Foreboding       3   Human Emphaty    4   Project Emotion  3