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Character by Norm Fenlason
Frank "Duckie" Mallard
Current Occupation
: Male
: American
: 41
: 1.9 meters (76 inches)
: 86kg
: 48kg
: Homeless
Quotes :
"I didn't do it."
"Got any spare change?"

Frank "Duckie" Mallard is nearly 2 meters tall, lanky, with short unkempt blond hair. Duckie also usually needs a shave, wears casual clothes that look like he slept in them, and sports a pair of well-worn hiking boots. Duckie is very intelligent, but his bad educational experiences have left him with severe self-doubt on intellectual matters, which leaves him brooding, sober, and quiet. His Army days left him proficient with a rifle, while his prison years left him good at improvisational melee combat. But it is behind the wheel that Duckie is at his best. With an eerie ability to coax a car or truck into difficult maneuvers, Duckie can make the most of any vehicular situation.

Frank Mallard was born to a Mike family in a working class neighborhood of Chattanooga, Tennessee. His father worked at the paper mill, as did his mother. Frank's father was a rabid sportsman, spending most of his spare time in the surrounding woods hunting and fishing. But Frank's mother was over-protective keeping Frank from his father's hunting lifestyle, and when Frank was 13 and already over 6 feet tall, his father was killed in a suspicious hunting accident. Frank had to join his mother at the mill where his size and strength were put to good use, leaving education forever behind him.

The public schools of the Chattanooga left a lot to be desired and Frank dropped out when his father died. This left him unprepared to do anything other than the manual labor demanded by the mill. It was at the mill that Frank picked up the name Duckie - a name given him by the line working friends of his mother. Duckie had no luck with girls and was socially outcast from the meager alcohol-based circles of the working community. Duckie did not drink thinking it the reason that his father was killed. He had learned from coworkers at the mill that his father was the local moonshiner. It was probably defending his still that killed Duckie's father.

Shortly after Duckie turned 18, his mother committed suicide after fatally shooting a mill assistant manager who was staying the night. This left Duckie at a turning point: continue at the mill or find something else to do. Fed up with being an outcast Duckie enlisted in the US Army. It was the only way out of his little life and Duckie yearned for adventure.

Quickly recognizing Duckie's skills for what they were, the Army made him into a truck driver for the Transportation Corp. After Basic Training in North Carolina, Duckie spent 6 months in Oklahoma learning to drive just about any non-combat vehicle in the US Army inventory. Assigned to Fort Knox, Kentucky, Duckie drove 18-wheel rigs from base to base, usually under guard and as part of a convoy. Duckie Mallard served without incident for his hitch and left as an E-3. His whole Army experience still left Duckie yearning for excitement (and better pay).

Upon being discharged from the Army, Duckie tried to find a job doing what he did best, hauling cargo. He immediately found himself up against the Teamsters who wanted nothing to do with him. The Teamsters placed drivers and they had too many drivers already. At this point Duckie had an inspiration that was more characteristic of him than his educational experience would indicate. Duckie Mallard took his last spare cash from the paper mill settlement and enrolled in Tank O'Rourke's School of Trucking. Duckie had discovered that entry into the Teamsters was automatic for graduates of Tank's school.

It seems that Duckie had found his calling at last. He excelled in Tank's trucking school graduating at the top of the class. He was immediately hired by the Pauling Transportation Company and started driving out of Memphis. Duckie's stops included Kansas City, Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and occasionally Miami. A couple of the routes crossed uncontrolled zones, and Duckie felt familiar in the convoys that Pauling Transport formed, often seeming more like caravans. Duckie took a trailer in a Mike complex in Memphis and felt that his life was looking up. He was wrong however, as this was when his trouble started. Duckie's grandmother in Chattanooga would tell reporters later "he was a troubled child." No one knew just how bad.

It was about the same time that Duckie started his southern routes that a string of murders took place along the southern interstates. The media, quick to seize upon a bloody topic, immediately labeled the killer, the Truck-Stop Murderer. If it bleeds it leads. It was at this point that Duckie's behavior changed.

Occasionally, while waiting for diesel and after getting something to eat, Duckie would notice a passing stranger, who for some strange reason would inspire an overwhelming compulsion to follow and watch her. Fascinated by her every movement, Duckie would wake from his reverie and remember that he was long overdue on the road. The periods of compulsive stalking kept getting longer and longer.

One day, Duckie was home between loads, when the Memphis police showed up at his trailer along with the FBI. They arrested Frank "Duckie" Mallard for the murder of Wynona Duke at a truck stop in Cordele, Georgia. Several witnesses placed him at the scene within the hour of her disappearance. Witnesses placed him at the scene in similar circumstances of 6 of the other 10 truck-stop murders.

Agent Edward X. Pinkey of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the arresting officer, was promoted to Special Agent a week after Mallard's high-profile arrest and was the lead witness against Mallard. Duckie was assigned a public defender, as no notable attorney would take his case. The public defender was a vile man that shunned the media cameras and put up little real defense. Duckie Mallard was sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences.

Duckie Mallard spent 8 years in prison at Reidsville, Georgia. However, an Assistant District Attorney in Atlanta discovered irregularities and with the assistance of an Atlanta celebrity, Gladys Sapp, she uncovered evidence clearing Duckie of all the murders. In a hot car pursuit across dirt roads in southern Georgia, the suspected perpetrator crashed in a fiery explosion. Although no body was later found, several witnesses saw a body burn inside and no one escape. The case was closed and Duckie was cleared and released.

Duckie, at this point morally and financially destitute, wandered the streets of the US, moving randomly from town to town. Working for the occasional day job, Duckie quickly became savvy of street life, and participated in minor skirmishes with crime and the law. Fearing that his stalking and blackouts would return, Duckie made a point not to stay long in one place. With his size and sad, distant expression, he was a truly tragic figure.

He was begging with the other homeless when Father Robert Killian found him and took him to Atlanta to join his team. Gladys Sapp of The Intrepid Investigator, a local phenomenon TV show, was a part of the group and felt that Mallard could contribute. Father Robert quickly found Duckie among the homeless in the Atlanta underground and brought him out.

Duckie Mallard is moderately empathic but has no training. This makes him very susceptible to the influence of Dark Minions. Duckie's compulsive stalking of the Truck Stop Killer's victims was due to Minion empathic control. The actual killer was a Dark Minion who used Duckie to "cover" his murders. Although this was not a true exposure to the Dark, later adventures with Father Robert and his team give Duckie more than enough to stay busy.

STRENGTH               10   CONSTITUTION            6   AGILITY             4    
Mechaic                 3   Swiming                 2   Forgery             2    
Melee Combat (Unarmed)  3                               Stealth             3    
Melee Combat (Armed)    3                                                        
Small Arms (Rifle)      2                                                        
Thrown Weapons          1                                                        

EDUCATION               3   CHARISMA                4   INTELLIGENCE        7    
Computer Edu.           1   Bargain                 1   Navigation          4    
Medical                 1                               Observation         4    
Business                1                               Stalking            3    
                                                        Streetwise          6    
                                                        Vehicle Use (MC)    2    
                                                        Vehicle Use (WV)    2    

EMPHATY          3