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Creds to Eyal for pic on 'Bobby Jay' - Character by Lee Williams
Robert Johnson Colborne
'Bobby Jay'

Born and raised in New Mexico, Bobby Jay joined the USMC straight from school, and later served as a sniper during anti-drug smuggling operations in Mexico and Central America. His almost unnatural ability to sense enemies was noticed by his superiors, who eventually passed word of this to the officers in charge of a psychic research program. After being transferred to the program's base at a secret location, Bobby Jay discovered that the training and exercises that were supposed to help his remote viewing attempts were having other effects. This was his 'awakening' as an Empath. Not wanting to be forced into staying in the service and used as a guinea pig, he kept this to himself.
After teaching himself how to apply the techniques he had been taught to his newfound abilities, he left the Marines at the end of his tour and went back home. He joined his father's trucking business and now drives all over North America. Being on the road a lot, he has seen some really strange things, and after an incident involving some Subterrenean Gargoyles has become aware of the Darkling threat. He also often has the feeling that someone else is shadowing him, possibly on behalf of the secret military project he was once part of. Although he thought he had managed to hide his powers, it seems that he may have been found out...they might want him back.
One more thing about Bobby Jay, he is a lifelong fan of old movies and in particular Steve McQueen. When he is not driving his truck (nicknamed 'Dust Devil'), he can be found in his garage at home restoring a 1967 Shelby Mustang just like McQueen drove in 'Bullitt'.

Colt Anaconda

    Ammo : .44 Magnum
    ROF : DAR
    DAM : 3
    Pen : 2-Nil
    Blk : 1
    Mag : 6R
    SS : 3
    Brst : -
    Rng : 18
Physical Description:
Age: 34
Weight: 74 kilos
Height: 5ft 9in (1.76 metres)
Current Occupation: Truck driver
Bobby Jay is about average height and somewhat stocky in build. He has dark brown hair cut reasonably short, and is clean-shaven. He usually wears a blue t-shirt, a cut-off denim jacket, combat style trousers and a camo pattern baseball cap. His choice of footwear is usually lightweight military surplus desert combat boots. When on the road he always carries a Colt Anaconda revolver with him, and a Marlin carbine stowed behind the drivers seat in his truck.
Marlin 1894 C
    Ammo : .44 Magnum
    ROF : LA
    DAM : 3
    Pen : 2-Nil
    Blk : 5
    Mag : 10i
    SS : 3
    Brst : -
    Rng : 40
STRENGTH         5   CONSTITUTION     7   AGILITY          6   Initiative       5
EDUCATION        4   CHARISMA         4   INTELLIGENCE     6   EMPHATY          5

Heavy Weapon     1   Mechanic         4   Armed Melee      1   Unarmed Melee    3
Small Arms Rifle 8   Thrown Weapons   2   Swimming         2   Stelth           3
Navigation       3   Observation      5   Traking          2   Wheeled Vehicle  6
Willpower        3   Language(ENG)   10   Language(SPA)    3                     

Emphatic Sills
Animal Emphaty   3   Foreboding       3   Human Emphaty    4   Project Emotion  3