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Creds to Eyal for pic on 'Faceless Man' - Character by Antenna
Faceless Man
The story of the 'Faceless Man'

I remeber the first time I meet a Dark Minion. It was in a minimarket, I was getting some Soya-eggs, when I heard a scream that just got me to remeber the life I lived. The scream coming from the counter I look around the corner of the storeshelf. I saw the assistant get drawn into pieces by this man with claws instead of hands. Well actually he saw me look at him for that short moment like he had some sixth sence, it wasn't a man I can tell you. I got really scared, being a bodyguard with military experience such things wouldn't really scare me, I just keep thinking on the news that they found LSD in a ECO-terrorists appartement and plans to poison the water. Dammit, I reached for my gun, one of those heavy duty pistol, a Desert Eagle .50AE. Soon it was in my right hand, and at the same time my combat knife in my left. I was reaching for another area of the store and when I for a short time looked around the storeshelf after changeing weaponhands, I saw the beast just 4 meters away from me. My instincts worked good i shoot three shoots into the beast, but nothing seem to stop him and he was all over me, I lost my gun and was only depending on my knife I felt his teeth into my left armů

'This is it, I'm gonne' I thought, but somehow my knife had found some spot at the body that was eating my arm suddenly I felt that I had won, the beast was lifeless lying over me, I rolled him from me, looked at my arm discovering that this need some medics attention. Then I looked at the beast, suddenly I belived one of the loonies I had protected from something, he paid well, but just disapered after one week of the contract.

'They disintegrate after you kill them'
Those stories I put up for good pay, and now was this for real. The beast was disintegrating and some ozonsmelling odor from the thing reached my nostrils. Dammit, I had to move out of this place.

The next I know was that I visited a doctor that told me that these bites ain't normal but he said no more, he gave me a address in New Boswash that I didn't recognize.

'You will get more info from these people' the doctor said 'Now hurry.'

I went out on the street from the doctors office, for the first time I felt that there was a meaning in my life, in my new life. A life of total freedome and loneliness.
Why do you give a man a nickname such as 'The Faceless Man' has he had accident where he has lost his face ? No the reason lies in the fact that he is so common looking that even a policeofficer has hard time to remeber some feutures that this man has. And somehow noone remeber what his name was after 5 minutes after meating this man. He is that perfect John Doe hiding from Dark Minions and hunting them when he can. Somehow his posture seems automatically tkae the advantage of the shadows and sun to give him a different look from different angles. He is known as the 'Faceless Man', some even say that he is a myth for recruiting Minion Hunters, noone really know...
STRENGTH         5   CONSTITUTION     7   AGILITY          6   STR/AGI          5
Heavy Weapon     1   Parachute        2   Acrobatics       2   Melee Combat     5
Thrown Weapons   2   Swiming          0   Stealth          3   Unarmed Combat   5
                                                               Pistol           7
                                                               Rifle            5

EDUCATION        3   CHARISMA         4   INTELLIGENCE     5   EMPHATY          3
Computer Edu.    2   Act/Bluff        2   Navigation       2   Foreboeding      0
Medical          0   Disguise         2   Observation      5                     
                     Interrogation    1   Stalking         1                     
                     Leadership       2   Streetwise       5                     
                                          Tracking         1                     
                                          Light Vehicle    2                     
Luck      : 3                            Language (ENG)  10                    
Willpower : 3                            Language (SPA)   1                    
Weapons :
Para Ordnance, 3X6,
Neostead, AKMR, PM/L96A1
Some sayings of the Faceless Man :
- I cannot die, a man without a face nor a name you cannot kill, he doesn't exists.
- I have only one goal in life, to stay alive ...
- If I would 'die', if I do a final misstake, really, I was never here...