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Welcome to the Dark Conspiracy Recruitment Agency Database

Below is a key to navigating the database. Please memorize this, for security reasons you will not be able to access this page again.

    Military, Para-Military & Ex-Military Personnel
    Tradesmen, Professionals, Academics & Clergy
    Empathically Gifted People

PC or NPC distinction refers to the detail level of the resume in question. In general, PCs will have all the statistics and no personality given. NPCs will have less detailed statistics. People with Both listed will have everything.

Please feel free to view the resume of any people you may feel suit your needs. Remember that all information held within this database is confidential.

All the characters are © to their respective creators, who have kindly donated them for the use in the Dark Conspiracy roleplaying game. Dark Conspiracy is registered to Dynasty Presentations. All material in here is non-profit and is for the fans of the game.