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Here are my contribution to the GDW/d20 system.
Twilight:2000 These pages contains the swedish Sourcebook for Twilight:2000.
Twilight:2000 v1.0 A own section dealing with T2k v1.0
Dark Conspiracy These pages contains the world sourcebook and swedish sourcebook for Dark Conspiracy.
Cadillacs And Dinosaours These pages contains the small sourcebook for Cads & Dinos
Merc:2000 & Twilight:2000 These pages contains the sourcebook for World Sourcebook for Merc:2000 and Twilight:2000.
Traveller TNE Robots GURPS conversion
Miscelleneous Houserules, Humor and PDFs
Twilight:2000 Internet Museum
Webstral's expansion of the T2K timeline
Ancient T2k Mailing List
Carl's World A small page for Twilight:2000 contains tables from Dark Conspiracy
Saul's World Saul's masterly done pages.
Other GDW stuff
PC/NPC Gallery for Dark Conspiracy
Matt's World Matt Geislers pages with goodies...
Eyal's Generator Not only one but two NPC Generators for Dark Conspiracy.